Topical Cream with 7.5% of cetylated fatty acids (CFA).

Cetilar® Crema, a massage coadiuvant, improves articulations and brings relief to joints affected by osteoarthritis.
Massages help ease joint and musculoskeletal pain, which can also be beneficial to sport related injuries.

  • High concentration of cetylated fatty acids (7.5% CFA)
  • Rapidly absorbed during massages

When to use

Cetilar® Crema per contusioni


A massage with Cetilar® Crema helps reduce bruise related symptoms.

Cetilar® Crema per stiramenti


A massage with Cetilar® helps reduce pain due to strains

Cetilar® Crema per distorsioni


The therapy consists in cooling the affected area, and a massage with Cetilar® can be performed twice daily

Cetilar® Crema per contratture


The massage with Cetilar® helps reduce pain due to contractures

How to use

Apply it 2 times/day on the affected areas massaging it at least until it is completely absorbed