Cetilar has always worked alongside sports professionals and sports fans: understanding their needs and supporting them along the way is part of our work.

For this reason, in collaboration with sector professionals, we have expanded our site to add a new section: “Tips from the Physiotherapist” A space that is constantly dynamic  – just like us and you – reaching out to all those who practise sport at any level.

Our in-depth section aims at providing professional and practical advice and responding to the most frequent questions on issues related to muscles and joints affected by sport.

Born in 1988, graduated in physiotherapy at the university of Pisa in 2010, followed by a Masters in Clinical Posturology and top professional training courses in a variety of sectors. His experience in the world of professional sport, and in particular motor sports, led him to specialise in sports and orthopaedic physiotherapy, manual therapy for muscular-skeletal and visceral disorders, posturology and sports injury prevention techniques.

His main interests lie in the treatment of chronic joint pain disorders, post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation and sports injury prevention techniques for professional and amateur sports men and women.

Co-founder of “Athletica”, a physiotherapy and athletics training centre.

Born in 1989, graduated in Sports Sciences at the University of Pisa in 2013, followed by a Masters in Medical Rehabilitation in Sport in Milan.

A sports enthusiast since a child, he has made a career out of his passion. He comes with a baggage of experience as an athletic trainer in various sectors, from Formula 1 to professional tennis, artistic skating and cycling, golf and combat sports.

He deals with 360° athletic training: evaluation of strengths and potential to develop and improve in sports performance, bearing in mind the sport-specific model and individual characteristics.

Co-founder of “Athletica”, a physiotherapy and athletics training centre.

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