Bursitis: what is it and which parts of the body are most at risk

Swelling, pain, difficulty in moving the joint: these could be signs of bursitis, a very common inflammation which appears mainly in the elbow, knee, shoulder, hip or foot. In this article, we illustrate the most frequent types of bursitis and understand how to intervene and what the recovery times are for returning to full joint […]

Rizoarthrosis and Nodal arthrosis: differences, symptoms and cures

After a day at work, many of us, particularly those who perform repetitive manual jobs or use a mouse and keyboard for many hours a day, will have felt pain or tenderness in the hand, especially at the base of the thumb. The pain in the hand becomes acute when closing the hand to grip […]

Plantar Fasciitis: symptoms, remedies and useful exercises

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fascia covering the muscles on the sole of the foot. The first symptom of this inflammation is pain, particularly in the posterior insertion area, around the calcaneus, and in the centre of the sole of the foot, with consequent difficulty in walking and general functional weakness of the […]

Fibromyalgia: what is it and what are the early symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disease that affects the musculo-skeletal apparatus and consists in chronic widespread pain, stiff and aching muscles, tendons and joints. 90% of patients suffering from this disease also experience chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance. To date, little is still known of fibromyalgia, above all with regard to the causes. Diagnosis is also […]

Pubalgia: causes, symptoms and remedies

Pubalgia rather than an illness is considered a syndrome, for which the number of cases (epidemiology, in scientific terms) is difficult to calculate, as are the relative causes and symptoms, above all due to the anatomical complexity of the groin region and frequent overlapping features of other types of disorder. In general, pubalgia refers to […]

Carpal tunnel syndrome: symptoms and treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a neuropathy that involves trapped nerves, caused by compression of the median nerve on its route through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. This is the most common trapped nerve neuropathy representing 90% of all neuropathies. The first symptoms of CTS are a tingling sensation, numbness, pain and paresthesia, and […]

Epicondylitis: how to treat tennis elbow

Despite the name, we don’t necessarily have to be Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic to suffer from the so-called Tennis Elbow. Epicondylitis, in fact, in most cases is an inflammation caused by overload, affecting people who for work or leisure perform activities that require repeated movements of the elbow and wrist. In this detailed article, […]

Tendinitis: how it develops and how to treat tendon inflammation

Tendinitis is an inflammation caused by overload, affecting not only athletes and sports men and women, but also those who perform continuous and repetitive movements or those suffering from postural problems. This article will look at the causes, symptoms and the tendons most susceptible to this type of injury. Tendons are fibrous structures that bind […]

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