Main sporting injuries: risk factors and how to prevent them

“Sporting injuries” refers to a series of unforeseeable and sudden injuries that occur when performing physical activity. Sporting injuries may be related to the muscles, joints or bones, involving one or more anatomical structures. Sporting injuries: which are the most frequent The most frequent sporting injuries, divided by the affected part of the body, are: […]

Ankle sprains: what to do? Remedies and rehabilitation exercises

Ankle sprains are one of the most frequent sporting injuries. They usually occur during a sudden change in the body’s centre of gravity while the support foot remains firm on the ground, or when landing after a jump. In this article, our physiotherapists will explain: The consequences of an ankle sprain Symptoms and diagnostic tests […]

Dislocation: what it is and how to treat it to reduce recovery times

A dislocation is one of the most frequent and painful joint traumas, not to be confused with a sprain. A dislocation is in fact a traumatic displacement of the joint, which occurs when the two bone heads in the articulation shift permanently beyond the physiological articular range. When there is a total separation of these […]

Sprains: how long does the swelling last and recovery time

Sprains are the most common sports injuries, mainly affecting the lower limbs, such as the knee and ankle, although they can also seriously and painfully affect the wrist and hand. The first remedy in the event of a sprain is to apply the PRICE protocol (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and then check the extent […]

Muscle contractures: how they are formed and how to treat them

What is a muscle contracture? What muscles are most susceptible to contractures and what are the most effective remedies to treat them and relieve the pain? Some tips from our physiotherapists… When we talk about muscle contractures, we often refer to a general unidentified pain, above all in the back or legs. In practice, a […]

Contusion: what is it, how long does it last, and how to treat it

Whether you play sports or not, contusions caused due to minor direct traumas are very common in everyday life. It is very common to have a swollen knee after a fall or be unable to walk after a foot takes a “knock”. Not to mention that swelling of the finger or ankle can be so […]

Muscle strains: causes, symptoms and remedies

What to do in the case of a muscle strain? How does it impact doing sports? What’s the treatment and how long does it take to recover? Let’s find out together. Muscle strains, or muscle distractions, are muscular injuries that lead to breakage of the fibres that make up a muscle, ranging from slight to […]