The Persico 69F Cup: the first edition is conquered by FlyingNikka 47

flyingnikka - persico 69F cup 2020 - foto Fabio Taccola
6 November 2020

Roberto Lacorte, with Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, seals first place in the final ranking of the Persico 69F Cup, followed by the team’s second boat, FlyingNikka 74, with Alessio Razeto at the helm, accompanied by Lorenzo De Felice and Andrea Fornaro.

Ultimately, victory belongs to Roberto Lacorte’s Flying Nikka team at the first edition of the Persico 69F Cup, international circuit reserved for the Persico 69F, modern ‘flying’ boats with foils that can reach utterly astonishing speeds.

FlyingNikka 47, the Cetilar® logo emblazoned on its blue sails, Lacorte at the helm in the company of Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, concluded the circuit in first place, followed by the team’s other boat, FlyingNikka 74 with green sales and helmsman Alessio Razeto aboard with Lorenzo De Felice and Andrea Fornaro, taking second place ahead of the Dutch, Kingdom Team Netherlands, who finished third.

An exceptional first and second place achieved by the Tuscan entrepreneur, participating as usual for the Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara di Pisa, which throughout all three Grands Prix held on Lake Garda this year – the fourth, scheduled to take place at Porto Cervo next week has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency – has always played a leading role. Seeing is believing for the two out of three victories achieved by FlyingNikka 47.

‘Finishing first and second in the Persico 69F circuit is hugely satisfying and a source of great pride – says Roberto Lacorte – especially when we consider the ability of the opponents we have faced over the year. This is the result of a clearly-defined programme progressing towards equally well defined objectives. We would certainly have preferred to conclude the circuit by returning to the water for the last event of the year, but regrettably the situation is what it is, so we can only accept it. Congratulations go firstly to my two companions, Lorenzo Bressani and Enrico Zennaro, champions with whom I have experienced unforgettable moments, in and out of sports. Then, Alessio Razeto, Lorenzo de Felice and Andrea Fornaro, the rest of the team, who aboard the 74 gave us a run for our money. Our compliments must go to the organisers of the championship and to the person who had the brilliant idea of suggesting such a modern event, coherent with the direction that third millennia sailing is travelling in. This victory fills us with energy and motivation for next year, when we will defend these two positions with the FlyingNikka, in what will unquestionably be an even more difficult and competitive circuit. Our participation in the 69F circuit – concludes Lacorte – will join up with the heir to SuperNikka, on which work has already begun. An innovative project under all aspects which we are pleased to be able to share very soon with all aficionados”.

The circuit’s Chief Sailing Officer, Dede De Luca commented, “The FlyingNikka crew quickly contributed to a sharp rise in competition standards: trial after trial we saw the circuit grow and sailors increase their technique and improve their foiling skills. This created a vicious cycle of  development shared reciprocally across all the teams which made the competition more exciting to the spectator, more fun for everyone involved and more demanding in terms of competitiveness”.

Having put the Persico 69F Cup 2020 to one side, Roberto Lacorte and the FlyingNikka team have confirmed their participation in the second edition. In the meantime, the team is working on the new flagship project which will embrace the legacy of the legendary SuperNikka, an amazing  project set to be unveiled within the coming weeks.