Patches with a cetylated fatty acid (CFA) base with local action to reduce pain symptoms caused by trauma to joints and muscles, such as strains, bruises, sprains or contractures.

Cetilar® Patch

Cetilar® Patch is a local action patch which, thanks to its formula with cetylated fatty acids (CFA), contributes to the reduction of pain symptoms in the event of trauma to various joints or muscles. Useful to improve joint functionality and capacity.

Cetilar® Patch ensures perfect adhesionto the skin and complete release of the functional ingredients within 8 hours. Furthermore, the lipid nature of the cetylated fatty acids acts as a moisturiser on the area concerned, and the added menthol gives the product a pleasant refreshing scent.

Cetilar® Patch:

  • Adheres directly on the skin tissue.
  • Resistant to sweat and water
  • Allows absorption through the skin

Each pack contains 5 patches.

All products in the Cetilar® range are Play Sure Doping Free certified, as they are medical devices without any doping substances and are therefore particularly suited for people practising sports at any level.


When to use


The application of Cetilar® Patch is useful in the case of contusions and trauma with pain symptoms, both in muscles and joints, as it helps relieve pain and restore mobility.


Thanks to their local action, Cetilar® Patches help to relieve symptoms from sprains, and help you return to day-to-day activities.


The Cetilar® Patch contributes to reducing pain caused by trauma and sprains. Thanks to resistance to sweat and water and its slow-release formula, it stays effective for 8 hours.


In the case of contractures, Cetilar® Patch, with its local and targeted action, helps to relieve pain, reducing symptoms and restoring the flexibility and mobility of muscles and joints.

How to use

Cetilar® Patch is easy to use: apply the patch and leave to act for at least 8 hours. Use can be repeated throughout the day, letting the skin breathe for a short period between one application and the next, to prevent the risk of sensitisation or irritation, above all in the case of sensitive skin. The patches are single-use only and are not re-usable.

Ministerial Authorisation dated 14/06/2021. It is a CE 0373 medical device certified. Read the warnings and instructions carefully.

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